With the recent health crisis, more and more businesses have started discovering ways to be effective, and productive while exploring ways to keep insulated workplaces going. 

In recent months, there is an increased number of dislodged office workers, having to work remotely, sometimes in an open office or out of a neighbouring Starbucks, hunting down the right noise-cancelling industrial headphones. 

It didn’t go unnoticed.

This is, however, nothing new when it comes to maintaining high functioning workplaces where remote customer service assistance, and online conferences are norms. Industrial-quality headphone gadgets are absolute essentials, not just as neat gadgets, but as tools used to eliminate distracting background noises, and audio feedback. 

With distracting noises in the background, and sudden interruptions, those in the customer service or marketing industry face egregious repercussions, leaving unfavourable impressions on customers, clients,  colleagues, and bosses. 

And that is why we’ve nailed down a list of our favourite headset gadgets for enterprise, and home office use in Malaysia right here.


The Huddle Room Enterprise Communication Headset Gear

Huddle rooms are more common now than you think. Approximately 70% of meetings or brainstorming sessions take place in a huddle room where decisions are made, and ideas hatched. 

Huddle rooms are essentially a small, private meeting room/area/corner that acts as a conference room/corner which is often outfitted with video, and audio conferencing facilities

Here are some of the headset gears perfect for outfitting a huddle room. 

1 – Poly Studio X30

The tipping point for most people when it comes to buying the Poly Studio X30 is when they realise how serious the term ‘plug-and-play’ is. With these headphones set, no computer is required, and it is suitable for huddle rooms with up to 6 persons. 

Don’t judge this speaker by its looks. Despite it looking like a simple television soundbar with a suspicious-looking camera, it’s REALLY all you need to conduct either professional conference calls, meetings, or virtual classes. Its sensitive, and user-friendly touch panel has garnered raving reviews from eagle-eyed, scrupulous reviewers, and experts alike. 

2 – Poly Studio X50

The Poly Studio X50 is the panacea for video conferences which involves 10 or more people in a medium-sized conference room. When connected to communication apps like Zoom, GoTo Meetings, Hangout, or Skype (or other similar apps), it is quick, and easy to share content wirelessly from Cloud with just about any device. 

3 – Voyager 8200 UC

One of the things the Voyager 8200 UC is perfect for is call centre efficiency. The Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC reduces noise disruptions, and chatter around the user, and whoever he/she is communicating with. Yes, even in wide-open spaces. With Digital Signal Processing, these enterprise headphones have microphones designed to pick up your voice amidst all that background noise, and has an anti-startle feature. It is so packed with industry-focused features that you don’t even need a boom microphone to go with the headset gadget. 

The Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC boasts of 2-hour talk time.

4 – Plantronics CS500

Right off the bat, the Plantronics CS500 has been touted as the perfect industrial headphones made, and designed for desk-centric workers who are looking for something easy to set up, use, and has wireless offerings. 

With long hours of usage, the Plantronics CS500 comes with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to produce more natural-sounding voices, noise-cancellation, and excellent audio quality. It also comes with SoundGuard to protect you against sudden loud noises. 


On-the-Go Enterprise Headphones

When you’re on-the-go, and trying to strike a balance between going places, and getting things done, the Voyager 6200 UC, and Voyager 5200 UC are heaven-sent; so much, so that have passed every litmus test reviewers have put it through. 

Here, we’ll weigh in on some of the best enterprise headphones designed for people on-the-go. 

5 – Voyager 6200 UC

A business-ready Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones with a neckband to secure the headset in place, it weighs only 56g, and allows the wearer to move around effortlessly without having to wear something obtrusive. 

With multipoint technology, you can pair the Voyager 6200 UC with up to 8 devices, and 2 simultaneously regardless of whether it is PC, mobile, laptop, or devices like an iPad or tablet. Even when connected via Bluetooth, you’re still within range at 100 meters proximity!

6 – Voyager 5200 UC

As far as features go as an enterprise headset for communication, this Bluetooth headset has it all. It pairs perfectly via NFC or Bluetooth onto multiple devices. It tells you who is on the other end of the line, and you can either pick up or ignore calls with a flick of a finger. 

In fact, the Voyager 5200 UC has a voice command feature that allows you to dictate messages, and get directions on-the-go. Comparable or better than Google, says some critical reviewers. The Voyager 5200 UC is lightweight, so you won’t feel the weight (or heat) from the headset even after wearing it for long periods of time. 

With portable charging capabilities, and various alerts, it’s quite the MVP as far as industrial noise-cancelling headset gears go. 

7 – Calisto 3200

The wonderful thing about Calisto 3200, and other similar enterprise headphones is that it packs a punch as both a portable speakerphone, and as a remote workspace conference call tool. What we call it is Full Duplex. It might come in a small package, but it delivers top-quality sound bites with its 360 degrees microphone, and wideband audio support. 

It powers up with a simple connection via USB cable to your devices, and supports Unified Communication applications, and softphones like Avaya, Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, and many more. And yes, it is so lightweight you can, literally, tot it around anywhere.  


At The Desk Headset Gear

Most people assume that when your job is desk-bound, you don’t need a headset to function. However, it has been shown that the right noise-cancelling headphones, especially a personally-assigned one, can improve efficiency, and productivity

This is especially true now in modern-day all-too-common open space offices, contact centres, and offices with high levels of background noises. 

For some office workers, they spend up to 90% of their time at their desks wearing headsets. Without noise-cancelling, comfortable, easily connected, and lightweight headsets, it might put a dent in the everyday lives of your desk-bound office workers. 

That is why Poly presents you with the Blackwire 3200 Series which is absolutely the best-in-class noise-cancelling headphones built for factory use. 

8 – Blackwire 3200 UC

At the desk, you’re probably going to be donning the headset the whole day. So, what’s really important when purchasing industrial noise-cancelling headphones is for it to be not just budget-friendly, but also multi-functional

With Blackwire 3200 UC, this is what it addresses. 

The monaural headsets are professional-grade audio tools that connect to laptops, PCs, and smartphones via USB. It is ideal for use for staff in customer centres, telesales, and help desk operations. With one-touch controls, durability, and lightweight, the headset is certified for Skype for Business, and many other conference, and communication apps. 

9 – Blackwire 5200 UC

Everyone has his or her eyes on how ergonomic this pair of enterprise headset is from the get-go. Even if you have to wear the headset for hours on end, the Blackwire 5200 UC is comfortable even during long calls. You can customise how you use the noise-cancelling headphones, be it plugged into your PC or laptop, or connected to your mobile devices.

So, while you’re connecting with people via Zoom, Google Cloud, Microsoft Teams, Hangout, (and other apps), you’ll enjoy great sound without the distraction, and discomfort. It comes with the Plantronics Hub Software which allows you to customise how you use the headset, which includes set audio alerts, mute/call controls, and provides day-long protection against noise exposure

10 – EagleEye Mini

The EagleEye Mini was initially designed to be easily slotted into the top USB port of your VVX 501 business media phone…as a webcam, and microphone. As it evolved, it now also supports Trio with Visual+, be it on a PC or Mac. It is capable of accurate colour rendition, life-like images, simulcast video streams, and can be installed with absolutely no driver whatsoever

The EagleEye Mini is superior when it comes to delivering crystal clear images from small spaces. It adds that little bit of class you need to present yourself professionally, no matter where you’re video conferencing from. 

What’s Next

Many in the business world are already predicting the importance of being or staying prepared for more remote workers or working with a distributed workforce. It is better to be prepared for optimal efficiency than to clamour around at the last minute. 

Start by browsing through our website for the right noise-cancelling headphones for your team now on AceTeam Networks. Alternatively, give us a call to find out how we can make online communication work to your advantage no matter what the future brings. 

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