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Google Cloud Authorised Reseller in Malaysia

AceTeam Networks is one of the rapidly growing IT solution providers in Malaysia that specialises in Cybersecurity, Unified Communications, Networking, Data Centre, Storage, and Cloud.

We offer consultation and IT infrastructure design services that meet various business requirements regardless of scale.

AceTeam is proud to be one of the selected companies to receive the first batch of Malaysia Digital (MD) status by MDEC with aims to drive Malaysia’s digital economy forward.

On top of that, AceTeam Networks also provides:

  • Professional services from highly qualified engineers that are available around-the-clock
  • IT solutioning and consultation that best suit your business’s IT needs.
  • Security for sensitive business related data and information.

This is why your business should sign up with AceTeam Networks, a Google Cloud Platform reseller and partner in Malaysia.

What is Google Cloud Platform?

GCP is a cloud computing service offered by Google since April 2008 with the goal of aiding companies in the digital transformation journey, or to help improve operational efficiency through unification, while minimising operational costs.

GCP also aids businesses by enabling data-driven transformations, running applications over the cloud, improving project collaboration both internally and externally while keeping sensitive information away from prying eyes using a combination of cybersecurity best practices as well as artificial intelligence (AI).

Google’s cloud computing services are currently being used in various industries including retail, automotive, healthcare, telecommunications, financial services, and many more. Some notable enterprises include UPS, Etsy, gojek, PayPal, Airbus, P&G, and many more.

Why should Malaysian companies use Google Cloud Platform?

In addition to some of the benefits highlighted above, GCP comes with Google Workspace, that’s currently being used by more than 3 billion users worldwide thanks to its integrated video calling, email, chat, and ease of document collaboration.

Now that more and more Malaysian companies are embracing hybrid working environments, or even foregoing having an office completely, Google Workspace also utilises the zero-trust approach with enterprise-grade for threat isolation and resolution.

The entire ecosystem is protected by the very same security technology used by Google themselves with what they call the “shared-fate approach” and they have various security and compliance certifications such as ISO, SOC, HIPAA, and more.

Google Cloud products and services

Here are some Google Cloud Platform products offered by AceTeam Networks:

Compute Engine: High-performance virtual machines (VM) that integrate with other Google Cloud services, and it’s highly scalable.

Cloud Graphics Processing Units (GPUs): Customizable GPUs for machine learning, scientific computing, and 3D visualisation.

Confidential Computing: Confidential VMs allow customers to encrypt their most sensitive data and information in the cloud while it’s being processed.

Cloud Run: Develop and deploy highly scalable applications for web services, data processing, and automation.

Sole-tenant Nodes: Hardware dedicated to processing and storing your workloads for compliance, licensing, and management needs.

Services offered by AceTeam Networks

Assessment and Planning: Detailed analysis of your business’s existing IT infrastructure and applications to identify what can be improved, dependencies, risks, and potential issues that may arise during the migration process.

Infrastructure Migration: This involves migrating existing infrastructure like virtualizing servers, optimising storage, and network configuration.

Cloud Architecture and Design: Designing a cloud architecture in accordance to the needs of your business.

Testing and Validation: Load testing, security testing, and user acceptance testing to ensure that all migrated components are functioning on the cloud.

Support: Provide ongoing cloud infrastructure management, performance monitoring, and high availability.

Types of GCP packages

  • Standard business package: Includes professional services like software, hardware installation, configuration, and support by certified engineers.
  • Custom on-demand service package: Upon request, preventative maintenance services, project management, and certified engineers for specific project requirements depending on the project requirements.

AceTeam Networks offer site surveying services, where we will send qualified personnel to your business premise to analyse and provide the best products to meet your business’s needs.

Proof of concepts are offered to customers so that they can test the products for a limited time to test the feasibility of business concepts and proposals to solve enterprise-level problems and accelerate innovation goals.

Please do not hesitate to contact AceTeam Networks to evaluate your business and plan out which GCP product and price best suits you and your business.


What are the benefits of purchasing GCP from a reseller?

As a GCP reseller, we will analyse your business’s needs and determine which product can help achieve your organisation’s goal.

How will GCP’s products benefit my business?

Your business will be able to scale limitlessly while having a peace of mind knowing that sensitive data is safe and held to the highest security standard offered by Google.

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