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Modern, Cloud-First Networking and Security

AceTeam Networks is one of the fastest growing IT solution providers in Malaysia that specialises in Cybersecurity, Unified Communications, Networking, Data Centre, Storage, and Cloud.

We offer consultation and IT infrastructure design services that meet various business requirements regardless of scale.

AceTeam is proud to be one of the selected companies to receive the first batch of Malaysia Digital (MD) status by MDEC with aims to drive Malaysia’s digital economy forward.

On top of that, AceTeam Networks also provides:

  • Professional services from highly qualified engineers that are available around-the-clock
  • IT solutioning and consultation that best suit your business’s IT needs.
  • Security for sensitive business related data and information.

This is why your business should sign up with AceTeam Networks, Infoblox partner in Malaysia.

What is Infoblox?

Operating since 1999, Infoblox is the largest player in the DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management (DDI) market, with about 13,000 companies under their belt, including 75% of Fortune 500 companies globally.

Furthermore, they also provide task-specific solutions to address specific business challenges related to Hybrid Workplace, SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Enabled Enterprise, Distributed Enterprise, Cybersecurity Frameworks, Secure Edge Services, IT Compliance, as well as On-Premises and Cloud-Managed Networking.

Because of the adaptability of Infoblox’s solutions, it’s widely used by organisations in healthcare, education, the public sector, and service providers of various industries to modernise their enterprise and cloud infrastructure while bolstering their cybersecurity.

Why should companies use Infoblox?

After more than 2 decades in the market, Infoblox is constantly evolving and coming up with new technologies to improve business efficiency and security.

For example, their most recent feat is developing BloxOne, the world’s first cloud-based SaaS-based networking and security platform.

Through Infoblox, businesses are able to scale both physically and virtually while providing better visibility on potential issues that a company’s network may face. This can be achieved through their comprehensive reporting system that helps eliminate blindspots that may occur while upscaling.

When used in tandem with Infoblox’s Network Identity Operating System (NIOS), they are able to help simplify management, reduce costs, and eliminate user errors on top of bottlenecks that may have been overlooked.

In fact, the solution was effective enough that Adobe System’s Manager of Global Infrastructure, Simran Sandhu, mentioned that the company’s entire global network is only supported by 2 employees.

Schneider Electric, a digital automation and energy management company, highlighted that they have relied on Infoblox to maintain the availability and integrity of DNS so that their large network and access to critical digital resources remain operational.

Infoblox Products and Services

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Infoblox has developed many products and services to address many companies’ issues and use cases. Here are some of their offerings:

    • BloxOne DDI: Industry’s first cloud-managed solution for businesses to centrally control and automate DDI for hybrid and multi-cloud networks while simultaneously eliminating complexity, bottlenecks, and scalability limitations.
    • BloxOne Threat Defense: Utilising automation and ecosystem integration, BloxOne Threat Defense helps detect threat activities across the business network while lowering total cybersecurity cost and threat response time.
  • NIOS 8.x: An operating system that aids in multi-cloud integration in management while providing value-added services and scalability for hybrid networks.
  • Infoblox Appliances: Infoblox Appliances come in many different forms to support an organisation’s function and needs. Part of the Infoblox Grid, the Infoblox Appliances are available in three different forms, which include physical appliances, virtual and cloud appliances, as well as commercial off-the-shelf appliances.
  • DNS Traffic Control (DTC): DNS Traffic Control optimises response time and performance by combining load balancing with Infoblox’s DDI while reducing overall costs.

Reach out to AceTeam Networks to find the product or service that best suits the needs of your business.

Type of Infoblox Packages and Plans

  • Standard business package: Includes professional services like software, hardware installation, configuration, and support by certified AceTeam Networks engineers.
  • Custom on-demand service package: Includes preventative maintenance services, project management, and certified AceTeam Network engineers for specific project requirements.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to AceTeam Networks to evaluate your business and plan out which Infoblox product and price best suits you and your business.


What are the benefits of subscribing to Infoblox from AceTeam?

AceTeam Networks will analyse your business’s needs and cater to Infoblox’s offerings to meet the specific requirements of your business.

How can Infoblox’s products and services benefit my business?

Your business is able to scale both physically and virtually with Infoblox while providing better visibility on potential issues that a company’s network may face.

How difficult is it to integrate Infoblox software into my business?

AceTeam Networks will work with you through the entire integration process to ensure that the process is seamless and possible.

Do I need to update my hardware to use Infoblox services?

AceTeam Networks will first evaluate your current business network and its use case and determine whether hardware upgrades are necessary.

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