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Poly Sub Authorised Platinum Reseller in Malaysia

AceTeam Networks is one of the fastest growing IT solution providers in Malaysia that specialises in Cybersecurity, Unified Communications, Networking, Data Centre, Storage, and Cloud.

We offer consultation and IT infrastructure design services that meet various business requirements regardless of scale.

AceTeam is proud to be one of the selected companies to receive the first batch of Malaysia Digital (MD) status by MDEC with aims to drive Malaysia’s digital economy forward.

On top of that, AceTeam Networks also provides:

  • Professional services from highly qualified engineers that are available around-the-clock
  • IT solutioning and consultation that best suit your business’s IT needs.
  • Security for sensitive business related data and information.

This is why your business should sign up with AceTeam Networks, Poly’s Gold Partner in Malaysia.

What is Poly?

Poly, also known as Polycom back when it was first founded in 1990, is a multinational corporation that develops communication products for video, voice, and content collaboration.

Acquired by HP in 2022, Poly now focuses on developing products and solutions that cater to the rise of companies embracing remote and hybrid working environments, allowing employees to remain productive from virtually any location, as long as there’s an internet connection.

On top of that, Poly offers business-specific solutions that are portable and simple to set up. 

They are currently being used by several businesses from many different industries like Cisco, L’Oréal Russia, Oracle Red Bull Racing, and even Pepsi Co.

Why should companies use Poly?

Companies embracing hybrid work environments, are investing more into solutions and products that help streamline, and alleviate potential issues that may arise during the transition.

Speaking of which, one of the biggest issues that were quickly identified was the barrier of communication between the company’s workers, since they are not within the same physical location.

On top of aiding companies in retaining their best talents and improving employee satisfactions, Poly also allow admins to manage, monitor, troubleshoot, and track relevant devices remotely.

They even have an integrated app that helps ensure users are able to set up with Poly devices quickly and seamlessly.

Poly products and solutions

Poly offers a suite of products for communication between businesses and individuals. These products include:

Headsets: Personal wearable audio devices complete with an earpiece and a mic that’s specially designed for clear verbal communication. Poly’s headsets come with many different features to fit a business’s needs, like Bluetooth, DECT, or USB connectivity, as well as headsets for specific use cases like in a call centre, and aviation.

Conferencing phones: Used during conference calls, Poly’s IP conference phones and USB/Bluetooth Speakerphones ensure that your ideas are heard clearly and concisely during a conference call of any size.

Business phones: Consisting of both desk phones and wireless phone systems, business phones integrate well with most telephony platforms, allowing you to share your ideas quickly and seamlessly.

Video conferencing: Poly lets users physically and quickly show what they are presenting, instead of only relying on verbal communication. They have products like webcams, video carts and even solutions to transform any regular room into a full fledge meeting room.

Types of Poly packages

  • Standard business package: Includes professional services like software, hardware installation, configuration, and support by certified AceTeam Networks engineers for potential partners and end users.
  • Partners: Required to go through more consultations but are granted more customisation options.
  • End users: Will be provided demo units and “Proof of Concept” phase to experience the products themselves.
  • Custom on-demand service package: Includes preventative maintenance services, project management, and certified AceTeam Network engineers for specific projects.

Prices usually range from around RM5,500 onwards with higher-end solutions which involves refurbishing a meeting room into a full-fledge integrated meeting room on top of integration with major brands like Shure, Extron, Apple, and more.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to AceTeam Networks to evaluate your business and plan out which Poly product and price best suits you and your business.


What are the benefits of subscribing to Poly from AceTeam?

AceTeam Networks will analyse your business’s needs and cater to Poly’s offerings to meet the specific requirements of your business.

How will Poly’s products benefit my business?

Poly now focuses on developing products and solutions to cater to the rise of remote and hybrid work environments. Poly’s products allow remote workers to remain productive from virtually any location, as long as there’s an internet connection.

AceTeam Networks will also aid in the transformation of an existing room to a fully-integrated meeting room much like the Microsoft Teams Room.

Is there a minimum limit to how many Poly products or services I need to buy through Aceteam Networks?

AceTeam Networks will first evaluate your current business network and its use case and determine what is necessary to unlock your business’s fullest potential.

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