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AceTeam Networks is one of the fastest growing IT solution providers in Malaysia that specialises in Cybersecurity, Unified Communications, Networking, Data Centre, Storage, and Cloud.

We offer consultation and IT infrastructure design services that meet the various business requirements regardless of scale.

AceTeam is proud to be one of the selected companies to receive the first batch of Malaysia Digital (MD) status by MDEC with aims to drive Malaysia’s digital economy forward.

We are also a Unified Communications Specialist that provides end-to-end communication and collaboration solutions complete with software, hardware, training, integration, and support services.

On top of that, AceTeam Networks also provides:

  • Professional services from highly qualified engineers that are available around-the-clock
  • IT solutioning and consultation that best suit your business’s IT needs.
  • Security for sensitive business related data and information.

This is why you should sign up for bulk licence with AceTeam Networks, Zoom’s appointed reseller in Malaysia.

Why Should Companies Use Zoom?

  • Zoom is an all-in-one cloud-based video communications solution that allows businesses of varying scales and users to host and manage online video conference calls. During these web conferences that are hosted on Zoom’s cloud platform, users can communicate effectively through a combination of audio, video, desktop sharing, and more.
  • This highly scalable web-conferencing solution is suitable for most use cases ranging from one-on-one meetings to 50,000 view-only webinars and everything in between.
  • Companies that have fully transitioned over to a hybrid or fully remote workforce will also benefit from using Zoom. The various tools the platform comes with allow remote employees to work as effectively as if they are within the same physical location.
  • Replacing business travels for online virtual meetings saves time and unnecessary expenses while remaining equally productive.
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Zoom Products

As an all-in-one web conferencing platform, these are some of the main features available on Zoom:

  • Zoom Meeting: High-definition audio and video meetings that simultaneously support up to 1,000 participants. It comes with various collaborative tools, including screen sharing, remote access, co-annotation, and the ability to record and transcribe meetings for future reference.
  • Zoom Rooms: Combines the best of virtual and physical meetings by transforming an office space or room into flexible workspaces for hosting Zoom web conferences and more. It also allows end-users to reserve these workspaces for a later date, check when’s the next meeting, and even control these Zoom Rooms using their laptops or mobile devices.
  • Zoom Webinars: Host company-wide town hall meetings and live webinars of up to 50,000 participants and up to 1,000 interactive video panelists simultaneously. The webinar’s engagement and reach can be tracked to gain insights into your target audience. These can also be recorded and trimmed into highlights or broadcast to third-party live streaming platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.
  • Zoom Phone: A scalable cloud-based phone system that allows businesses to make calls globally and securely. Compared to utilising an on-premise phone system, Zoom’s cloud-based phone system integrates with critical CRM applications, keep existing numbers as well as service providers, let IT administrators roll out monitor usage and troubleshoot issues with ease.
  • Zoom Events: Host free or paid virtual events using Zoom’s built-in ticketing options. It also allows the flexibility of creating specific tickets for specific events or tracks. It also allows event recording for production staff to create highlights and upload them to social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and more.

Reach out to AceTeam Networks to find the product or service that best suits the web conferencing needs of your business.

Types of Zoom Packages

As the appointed reseller for Zoom in Malaysia, here are the subscription packages available pricing, and their benefits:


  • Host meetings with up to 300 participants;
  • 5 GB cloud recording storage per licence;
  • Automatic Captions;
  • Unlimited Whiteboards;
  • Team Chat for collaboration, file sharing, and more;
  • Single Sign-on;
  • Managed domains;
  • Company branding;
  • USD199.90 a year per user (Minimum 10 annual licence)


  • Host meetings with up to 1000 participants;
  • Unlimited cloud recording storage;
  • Automatic and translated captions;
  • Unlimited Whiteboards;
  • Team Chat for collaboration, file sharing, and more;
  • Zoom Phone with full-features PBX, metered outbound calls, call queues and more;
  • Zoom Rooms + conference room connector;
  • Single Sign-on;
  • Managed domains;
  • Company branding;
  • Contact sales to enquire on pricing (Minimum 50 annual licence).

If you are interested in getting Zoom licences in bulk for your entire organisation, we can assess your needs and advise you on which licence to go for to achieve the highest ROI and scalability while adhering to your corporate policy.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to AceTeam Networks to find out more.


What is the difference between Zoom Business and Enterprise packages?

The difference between the two packages can be found in our “Types Of Zoom Packages” section. Reach out to us to find out which package is right for you at our official website.

How will Zoom benefit my business?

Zoom’s scalability and ease of use make it suitable for enterprises of varying industries or sizes. Companies that have fully transitioned to a hybrid or fully remote workforce will be able to remain agile while not jeopardising productivity.

What are the benefits of subscribing to Zoom from AceTeam?

AceTeam Networks will analyse your business’s needs and cater Zoom’s offerings to meet the specific requirements of your business.

In addition to that, signing up with AceTeam Networks also provides the following benefits:

  • Free Demo and Consultation;
  • Zoom Onboarding Guidance;
  • Full Setup of Zoom Conference;
  • Full Team Training and Usage;
  • Support, Troubleshoot, and Maintenance;
  • Zoom Room Design.

Is Zoom safe and secure?

Zoom shields all communication and data behind a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (256-bit AES) with a one-time key that’s only generated for each unique session.

256-bit AES is the process of converting plaintext data to ciphertext using the AES algorithm with a key length of 256 bits. Having said that, Zoom is safe, secure, and trusted by many large and small international companies.


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