Plantronics Products in Malaysia

Plantronics Products in Malaysia

Plantronics is an American electronics company that is based in Santa Cruz, California. The company produces audio communications equipment for businesses and consumers, consisting of products that support unified communications, mobile use, gaming and music.

Plantronics changed its name to Poly after it acquired Polycom in 2019, and is now positioned as a technology company focused on the human experience of communications and collaborations, aiming to make modern-day wireless communication as rich and natural as real-life, face-to-face communication.

Presently, Plantronics (Poly) has corporate offices around the world, including Plantronics Malaysia.


Plantronics’ contribution to NASA  

Plantronics was founded in 1961 by two American pilots, Keith Larkin and Courtney Graham, with a mission to research, design and manufacture specialised aircraft electronics. The Federal Aviation Agency in the USA made Plantronics their sole supplier for headphones/headsets – Plantronics first model the MS50 was used by United Airlines pilots, traffic controllers and even by operators of the Bell Telephone company.

Not long after their successful start, a Plantronics headset was used by the famous astronaut Neil Armstrong for his mission to the moon, where he transmitted the legendary words, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Plantronics’ collaboration with NASA began when Wally Schirra, a Nasa astronaut, wanted a small and lightweight headset to be used in the Mercury spacecraft. Schirra contacted Plantronics and requested for a lightweight headset that could be fitted into his space helmet and act as his main communication device.

Plantronics came through, and on October 3 Schirra wore the first ever Plantronics headset to launch into space, where he orbited around our planet six times before returning back to earth. After this high-profile collaboration and successful achievement, Plantronics also became NASA’s official partner-supplier.

Thereafter, Plantronics established a new division, dedicated to the manufacturing of headsets for NASA’s astronauts, called SPENCOM – Space Environment Communications. The use of these SPENCOMM-NASA headsets in astronaut space suits continued throughout the remainder of the Mercury program, the Apollo program – and up to our present day.

Plantronics has had 40 years experience in designing the most demanding communication products in the world, and continues to offer some of the best you can possibly find in the market today.


Best Plantronics Products in Malaysia – 2020 Updated


The Blackwire 3200 Series is made for enterprise applications (emergency call centres, customer service centres, etc.). It offers the best-in-class audio quality at an affordable price. It is also designed for those who need to put it on for long periods of time, every day. Modern-sleek looking headset that has a flexible boom microphone for maximum adjustability and angling.

Audio quality is impeccable and works great for voice, music, video-audio and so on. The Blackwire 3200 Series has PC wideband, noise-cancelling microphone and hi-fi stereo options. Built-in smart features include a dynamic EQ that optimizes call quality and automatically adjusts the settings when you’re listening to multimedia. Enjoy a truly outstanding sound experience.

2. Plantronics CALISTO 3200

The Calisto 3200 corded speakerphone turns any enclosed living/working space into a conference room. It gives you crystal-clear audio quality and portable, plug-and-play ease. Wherever you sit around this device, the 360˚ microphone captures crystal-clear audio quality; with full duplex audio support the Calisto 3200 creates a natural rich sound that emulates face-to-face conversations.

The integrated cord storage and travel case makes it quick and easy to set-up or pack, while its compact design allows you to bring it around anywhere. If you WFH or work-mobile, conference with confidence with the Calisto 3200 speakerphone.

3. Poly VOYAGER 5200 SERIES 

If you’re a part of the modern work-force today, that doesn’t operate within the 9-to-5 realm, who is quite often on the move whether around the office or just mobile out there, the Voyager 5200 Series will make for an essential gadget to have, along with your smartphone or laptop.

This is a Bluetooth earpiece that comes with the cutting edge WindSmart technology and adaptive noise cancelling microphone – meaning you can count on the Voyager 5200 Series to keep up with you and deliver flawless voice communication, as you make your way through briefings and meetings.

Talk about hands-free? Just say “Answer” or “Ignore” on any incoming call, while you utilise both your hands on other pressing tasks. The Voyager 5200 Series also informs you of how long you’ve been on the call. With cutting-edge noise cancelling and six layers of WindSmart technology to intelligently eliminate background noises, you can be cruising on a Segway and still sound awesome!

The Voyager 5200 Series doesn’t just look great, but its ergonomic design has been tested to make sure it’s comfortable for you and your ears to have it on all day long, even after a full work day.

For longer battery life – up to 14 hours extra – you may want to consider getting the optional charging case and integrated docking stand (sold separately). The Voyager 5200 Series offers customisable features, an up-dateable firmware via the Hub Mobile App, which also lets you locate the headset if you misplaced or dropped it!

4. Poly Voyager 6200 UC

The Voyager 6200 UC headset’s earbuds are attached to a neckband, to give you more convenience while ensuring it stays on you throughout your busy schedules. It has four omnidirectional microphones that delivers immaculate voice clarity and minimises background ‘nuisances’. Besides housing such cool features, the neckband also vibrates to inform you of any incoming call.

The Voyager 6200 UC allows you to pair with up to 8 different devices, and you can even connect to both your smartphone and laptop simultaneously. WIth Class 1 Bluetooth technology you can walk quite a distance and still have wireless access to solid audio quality.

The Plantronics hub for desktop lets you customise your headset preferences – select language, select features and also helps to keep your device at its best with firmware updates. If you manage the IT Department, the Plantronics Manager Pro, a web-based service, offers remote management, headset inventory and usage monitoring.

5. Poly Voyager 8200 UC

Stylish in design, the Voyager 8200 UC headphone is also amazingly comfortable to use. This boomless (without a microphone sticking out in front of your mouth), Bluetooth headphone allows you to focus and get the job done effectively – just put it on and get on with the action. You can be in an open office space or a crowded busy train, the Voyager 8200’s active noise cancelling (ANC) makes sure you’ll have nothing less than a quality communication experience.

Enjoy full natural sounds and communicate with clarity, plus hi-fi stereo and dual-mode ANC minimises any distraction while the boomless, wireless dual-paired microphones lets you get into important communication (voice-calls, online conference meetings) anytime.

Similar to the Voyager 6200 UC, you can fine tune your preferred settings on the Voyager 8200 UC with the Plantronics hub for desktop –  which also allows you to update your firmware. With the Plantronics Manager Pro, IT managers can perform remote management, headset inventory and usage monitoring.


Get your electronics gear from Plantronics Malaysia’s Flagship Store

If you are looking for cutting-edge, industry-grade, audio conference equipment/hardware, wireless headphones and speakerphones that you can rely on for years to come – Plantronics (Poly) is the preferred brand of choice.

You can now purchase a vast range and some of the best Plantronics products at your convenience via the Poly Flagship store on Lazada. AceTeam Networks is the official reseller for Plantronics Malaysia.