Infoblox Reseller in Malaysia

Infoblox Reseller in Malaysia

AceTeam Networks is now the official Infoblox Reseller in Malaysia

AceTeam Networks is now the authorized reseller for Infoblox in the Malaysian region, offering scalability, agility, and reliable IT solutions. As the newly appointed Infoblox reseller in Malaysia, we aim to empower businesses in the country and the Southeast Asian region by providing IT services and IT infrastructure that we believe in.

A market leader with over 20 years of experience providing core network services, Infoblox offers DDI, consisting of Domain Name System, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, and IP Address Management, also known as DNS, DHCP, and IPAM.

Infoblox DDI services can benefit businesses as they provision, manage, and secure your network, providing speed and agility that helps reduce delays by automating manual tasks by up to 70%. Not only that, but it also increases the productivity of threat analysts by up to 3 times, speeding up remediation by up two thirds.

As the appointed Infoblox reseller in Malaysia, we can provide a simplified service management tool for even the most complicated cloud networking configuration and next-level network solution that your business needs to accommodate today’s market. Business networks these days are constantly changing, driven by various trends, including hybrid and multi-cloud migration, security, SDN, NFV, IPv6 adoption, and the rise of IoT products and services.

AceTeam Networks offer Infoblox’s DDI, which gives you centralized control, seamless integration with cloud and virtualization platforms, and improves networks for remote and branch locations through the cloud.

Infoblox also provides complete, scalable network security solutions while lowering the total cost of defending against threats while reducing the implementation and operating workload by up to 60%. As an Infoblox reseller in Malaysia, AceTeam helps minimize business disruption by maintaining infrastructure availability by neutralizing attacks such as distributed denial of service (DDoS), TCP/UDP/ICMP floods, and cache poisoning.

Your business can easily detect which physical or virtual devices are currently connected, whom it belongs to and alert your network team of any unauthorized access to the network. It also displays the configuration of connected devices and detects any misconfigured or unapproved devices that are connected, allowing you to take immediate action.

All sectors of your network covered are protected thanks to Infoblox Infrastructure Protection Solution that distributes a database of discovered and approved devices to the entire security ecosystem to increase protection against unwanted access. With security challenges taken care of, your business can focus on working towards its goal.

Why Choose Infoblox?

  • HIGHLY-RATED: 4.9 out of 5 by global enterprises on Gartner Peer Insights and recommended by Gartner to all large IT organizations.
  • CLOUD-READY: Compatible with major cloud provides such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and more.
  • SECURED: Infoblox DDI is the only solution that’s certified for both AWS GovCloud and Azure Government Cloud.
  • GARTNER RECOMMENDED: Enterprise-grade DDI that supports the world’s most complex, mission-critical networks with advanced automation, integrations, total reliability, and limitless scale.
  • Both NIOS and BloxOne platforms utilize advanced automation to simplify management, reduce costs and eliminate manual errors and bottlenecks.
  • Rich APIs and best-in-class integrations let you easily leverage top tools and cloud services across DevOps, NetOps, and SecOps.
  • Cloud-managed DDI and network security services that give you central control, automation, and security for expanding workforce transformation and infrastructure agility.

As the acting Infoblox reseller in Malaysia, we are confident in helping your business flourish while providing solutions to overcome Enterprise challenges. Should there be any enquiries such as the Infoblox DDI price in Malaysia, you are more than welcomed to contact us.

Tackling Enterprise-level problems with Infoblox DDI Solution

Infoblox offers various Enterprise solutions to tackle Enterprise-level problems, providing you with agility, versatility, and speed while maintaining uptime, security, and scalability. Let Infoblox handle monotonous security tasks using context-aware threat mitigation tactics to defend against major DNS-based threats and more in real-time. Keep your entire network safe by distributing a database of approved devices and users to the rest of your network while keeping track of potential security holes.

The ease of deployment of Infoblox’s Enterprise solution and the compatibility with today’s major cloud service provider ensures that Enterprises get a running start in today’s digital economy. All of this is possible with Infoblox Malaysia’s official reseller.

About AceTeam Networks

AceTeam Networks is filled with passionate customer-focused problem solvers who are skilled at performing networking and architecture framework designs, auditing, support, management, and network security.

We also provide end-to-end turnkey solutions from solution design to implementation and regular technology updates. Furthermore, our certified engineers will guarantee 24/7 support for server management and offer a secure network environment for working on-site and off-site.

As an Infoblox Reseller, we are determined to provide your Enterprise with a complete, scalable solution for security, improving efficiency and peace of mind while cutting down on unnecessary costs.