The blessings of Ramadhan 2022 – sharing our stories

The blessings of Ramadhan 2022 – sharing our stories

This year, we welcomed the month of Ramadhan by bringing people together, celebrating it with gratitude. Ramadhan is the most sacred month of the year in Islamic culture, where Muslims observe the month of Ramadan to get closer to the Al-Mighty. 

Honouring the month, we organized an Iftar with Pertubuhan Kebajikan Asnaf Al Barakh at Megaview Banquet Hall, KL Tower. We ushered the evening with 40 children and their guardians. We were fortunate to get the chance to meet these beautiful children and the session went by with some good memories that we will always cherish. Their laughter was a true joy to the occasion, their bubbliness and chats takes away the night of our Iftar overlooking a spectacular glass view of Kuala Lumpur skyline in a bliss.

Back at the office, our HR team took the liberty to arranged for a weekly take home Iftar on every Thursday. We had some splendid spread from Kakatoo, McDonald’s, KFC to name a few, and the food comes in handy for staff that leaves the office late. We know that the traffic during Ramadhan will not do us justice to get home in time hence the food was timely to break fast in the car or to simply enjoy it at home. The solo staff just loved the Iftar take home food. 

To balance the Ramadhan, we also invited a representative from Jabatan Mufti Negeri Selangor to legalize the direction of the Qibla at the office. The intention was solely to ensure that our prayers are blessed and facing into the right direction. Apart from making sure that staff can perform their prayers with confidence and comfort.   

To sum it all, we also arranged our own Iftar at Rama V in Kuala Lumpur. It was a night of celebrations filled with good food and good company. Day in and day out, it is hard to gather sometimes at the office. So, this was the chance to meet and enjoy the night through before we leave for Raya holiday. Having almost full house joining the event was very fulfilling since we had less chance to meet each other physically as we are on hybrid work arrangement.

This Ramadhan has been a blessing to all of us at AceTeam as we can fully embrace the holy month together since the pandemic began in 2020. We could engage with the community again by going to bazaars, visiting the mosque for Taraweeh, organizing Iftar, and more which has helped us rebuild our connection with everyone around us. Hopefully the month of Ramadhan has brought everyone the same joy and lesson as it did to us in AceTeam.