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Authorised Aruba Networks Reseller in Malaysia

AceTeam Networks is one of the fastest growing IT solution providers in Malaysia that specialises in Cybersecurity, Unified Communications, Networking, Data Centre, Storage, and Cloud.

We offer consultation and IT infrastructure design services that meet the various business requirements regardless of scale.

AceTeam is proud to be one of the selected companies to receive the first batch of Malaysia Digital (MD) status by MDEC with aims to drive Malaysia’s digital economy forward.

On top of that, AceTeam Networks also provide:

  • Professional services from highly qualified engineers that are available around-the-clock
  • IT solutioning and consultation that best suit your business’s IT needs.
  • Security for sensitive business related data and information.

This is why you should sign up with AceTeam Networks, a Platinum Partner for Aruba Networks.

What is Aruba Networks?

First and foremost, with over 20 years of history and experience, Aruba Networks is currently the leading provider of next-generation wired, wireless, and security networking solutions serving 7 regions worldwide. 

In addition, they also offer solutions for emerging technologies like Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN).

Why Should Companies Use Aruba Networks?

Aruba Networks solutions are specifically designed for small to mid-sized businesses in mind, and they are affordable, simple to deploy, and easy to manage.

These solutions help increase your business productivity by providing simplified network management, optimisation, and high performance connectivity.

It also comes equipped with proper network security that’s aimed towards intrusion detection and prevention, web content filtering, as well as unified policy enforcement firewall.

On top of that, by taking advantage of artificial intelligence technologies, IT staff are able to detect and troubleshoot IT problems 90% faster to keep the business running at peak efficiency.

Aruba Networks Products

As the leading provider for wired, wireless, and network security solutions, these are some of the solutions offered by Aruba Networks:

  • Access Points: Flexible deployment for controller-managed, controllerless, and remote access modes access points for users needing network access from remote locations while maintaining connectivity to instructional tools and systems.
  • Switches: Comes with built-in security and automation for enterprise branches, and small medium business for real-time troubleshooting and simplicity with Aruba’s proprietary switching software.
  • Network Management: Provide granular visibility, controls, and a detailed overview of your business network both locally, or in the cloud for ease of troubleshooting and configuration.
  • SD-WAN: Allows businesses to centrally manage WAN traffic, security, routing, and optimisations from a single platform to achieve consistent application performance under any network conditions.

Reach out to AceTeam Networks to find the product or service that best suits the cybersecurity needs of your business.

Aruba Clearpass

A policy management platform for keeping your business network secure by specifying specific access levels for new devices that connect to the network.

It also allows IT staff to set limits on who can onboard a device onto the network, what type of device users can onboard, and how many devices they can onboard.

It also sets an identifier for each of the onboarded devices such as:

  • Type;
  • Model name;
  • MAC address;
  • IP address;
  • NIC vendor;
  • Operating;
  • Version number.

If any of the onboarded devices are deemed as “unhealthy” by Aruba Clearpass, the solution will disconnect the affected device and perform an automatic critical endpoint health check to ensure that no other devices are affected.

Types of Aruba Network Packages and Plans

Please do not hesitate to reach out to AceTeam Networks to come up with a plan and price that best suits you and your business.


What makes Aruba Networks different?

They combine their 18 years of experience on top of AI-powered solutions to detect anomalies and potential threats while simultaneously increasing network performance for businesses.

What is Aruba Networks used for?

Aruba Networks provides leading wired, wireless, and network security solutions for global businesses to help increase productivity and security.

About AceTeam Networks

AceTeam Networks is one of the fastest growing IT solution companies in Malaysia, specialize in Network Infrastructure & Security, Data Center, Network Management, End User Computing & Mobility. We provides services in the field of IT System Design satisfies the specific needs and requirements of a business or organization.

We are Authorized Reseller for Aruba Networks Solution

Why Aruba Networks?

  • Aruba Networks is the industry leader in wired, wireless and security networking solutions that works for any business.
  • Provider of next-generation network access solutions for the mobile enterprise.
  • Specially designed with the small business solution by providing affordable networking solutions that are simple to deploy, easy to manage, and supportable with limited resources and budget
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Whether working for a large enterprise or small to midsize business, Aruba access points are ideal for workers needing network access from remote locations while maintaining connectivity to corporate services.

Aruba VIA

Virtual Intranet Access (VIA) is part of the Aruba remote network solution targeted for teleworkers and mobile users. It is a suitable solution for work from home individuals who often need access to resources from company servers.

Aruba Access Point

An Aruba Network wireless access point

Aruba access points are ideal for faculty needing network access from remote locations while maintaining connectivity to instructional tools and systems. Such as educational institutions and remote workers

Aruba Central

Aruba Central is a unified cloud-based network operation, assurance, and security platform that simplifies the deployment, management, and optimization of wireless, wired, and WAN environments.

Other Brands We Carry

We are partnered with some of the brands that are rocking the IT industry today namely, Aruba Networks, Zoom, Poly, Palo Alto Networks, and more to provide the best of IT solutions and offerings that meet the customers’ needs.

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